Jun 26

History of InterBase

InterBase is a  database management system which is relational (RDBMS) presently updated and marketed by Embarcadero Technologies. It is notable from other RDBMS by its tiny footstep, near to zero organizational needs, and multiple-generational construction. It performs on the Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X , Solaris OS and so on.

A person named Jim Starkey wrote InterBase for his company named Groton Database Systems. The business was afterwards bought by Ashton-Tate, and was further gained by Borland. He managed the software for a short period and then formed an subsidiary of it, which was later rejoined into the original company. It has been selected by a small number of appropriate organizations such as Ericsson, U.S. Department of Defence, stock exchanges and also home banking organizations.

More up to date events in the late history includes the declaration of InterBase 6.0 as an open-source database in the year 1999, the successful publishing of source code to the community in the year 2000, and the marketing of the legitimately certified version of InterBase 6.0 by Borland in the year 2001. Flanked by these events came announcements of the offshoot of a new, independent company to manage consulting and sustain business in adding up to the open-source database. A crew of former software developers and managers formed IBPhoenix, with the idea of sustaining InterBase users. Meantime, autonomous groups of its experts initiated the Firebird open source project to advance and extend it.

It was constructed from the commencement with a newest and strong architecture. Its original instigator, Jim Starkey, made-up an architecture for management concurrency and transactions something other renowned database servers can rarely do even today. It is also called Multi-Generational Architecture (MGA) and manages simultaneous access to the same data by multiple users, who can alter records without upsetting what other concurrent users observe in the database.

Jun 10

Accessing Firefox History

When using Firefox, there comes a time when you might be need of the history page. The good thing is that accessing your recent searches or page visits is more than easy. In Firefox, there is a History menu, which provides a list of all the pages one has visited recently. Firefox users can use this menu to view their Firefox history. What you need to do open the History sidebar and click on ‘Show All History’. After selecting this option, the Library window will appear and give you the option of choosing which history you are interested in. Individuals have a huge array to choose from. You can select history of that particular day, previous day, previous week, previous month etc.

Firefox history is usually displayed as a list of all the pages you visited. Many people might be interested in using this history in one way or another. However, to others, they consider it as an intrusion to their privacy. What is for sure is that whether you need this feature or not, the fact of the matter is that the page really comes in handy in numerous situations. Without a doubt, this is a feature worth having.

As you do your browsing, Firefox remembers all your activities through the Firefox history. The information stored here is a lot and very important. Some of the crucial information stored here includes the sites you have visited, downloaded files and so much more. When using a computer that is not yours, you may choose to disable this option or delete all your history after using.

Jun 09

PHP oracle Vs Web Development

PHP oracle is what a small and medical scale business would make use of in taking care of its database and reports. Professional software firms have made it simple for those who would make use of database and report to use their websites with PHP. There are lots of considerations that would be done when choosing a package for the development of a website. This is what would serve that website effectively. It is not every package that is not necessary for a web owner which is why it is vital that a customized website should be built on a PHP platform. The effective communication with a developer would help in making sure that the website development is done with ease.

If you would need PHP oracle, it would be one of the best choices you can make while starting a website. And at the end of the day, you have a lot to gain. Evaluating of a developer’s performance should be done at the initial stage because that is what would save you a lot of challenges in the future. There are dedicated and qualified developers who would help you get that amazing support online with your website. A PHP generator should be cost efficient if it would work profitably for you. And for those who are in doubt of what this application would do for them, they should research on this before hiring. This is the tip of hiring.

With PHP oracle, a lot of websites have made a tremendous advancement online. It is now possible for end users to freely access a well developed website with PHP platform. The end of the effectiveness of a PHP is not seen in the nearby future. This is the reason why we can now use software that is available for the improvement of website development.

Jun 06

Create and edit a connection in Scriptcase

Scriptcase has a great advantage over other tools, the connection to the database. Offering several options it can quickly connect with the databases most used web projects today.

To insert a new connection is very simple, when you open the project go to the “New Connection” in this toolbar.


Clicking this option opens a screen where the available database that Scriptcase works. Currently banks are available to connect to MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, MS Access, SQLite, Sybase, InterBase, Firebird, and ODBC.


We will use MySql as an example, this screen will be inserted data access and so you have a user-friendly and safe to insert this information so important. On this same screen you enter the name of the connection and still has the “Test Connection” that will help you check if your connection is working properly before it ends, for this use the “Finish” button.


After configured the connection, if you want to edit the settings by clicking on “Edit Connection”. Select the option you want to edit and in the same registration screen to make the change.





Scriptcase makes your life easier and saves your time. Using the connection feature quickly connects you to the database you want to work and within minutes you can start to develop registration screens and reports. Download now the free version of our tool and check in practice all the benefits that this and other features Scriptcase offer.

Jun 05

History of Sybase

In narrating the history of Sybase, we start by pointing out that it was initialized in the year 1984 as the brainchild of four individuals Tom Haggin, Bob Epstein, Jane Doughty and Mark Hoffman. Their goal was to put up a relational database management system that would enable an accurate organization of information among computers that share a particular network. However, it was until 1986 that Sybase got its first major shipping test exercises. The success of the test led to the official unveiling of the Sybase system in May 1987. This launch unveiled the first relational database management system for online use that was highly effective in its application. The Sybase system introduced a new level of computer data storage that focused more on improving the level of interaction between the client and the computer server.

The introduction of the client server database, referred to as Sybase SOL server during that period, led to the striking of a deal between Microsoft and Sybase. The agreement enabled Microsoft to remarket the system as OS/2 on a consolidated platform of SQL server. The terms of agreement that were signed enabled Microsoft to claim rights on the SQL server code of Sybase. The code lines of Sybase systems and those of Microsoft shared some similarities. However, disagreements between the two firms led to the splitting of the code lines with Microsoft having its codes limited to the Windows NT operating system while Sybase optimizing its codes to meet the needs of different versions of windows, Linux and Unix.

The onset of the nineties saw Sybase make a number of milestones in the field of software development, another milestone in the history of Sybase. In 1989 Sybase unveiled the Sybase open client server interfaces. This software availed generic client server interactions that necessitated quality flow of communication among computers within a given network. This greatly boosted the sales of Sybase recording fifty six million US Dollars in terms of sale during that year. This played a major role in the registration of Sybase to the stock market in 1991.

The year of 1992 also witnessed major milestones in software content development by Sybase. The month of June saw Sybase announce the introduction of its latest generation software named the System ten. The system was tailored to meet the needs of companies to move from older mainframe computer designs to improved client server software interface. The first component of system ten was unveiled in 1983 dubbed Omni SQL GATEWAY. This software was instrumental in enabling an efficient control of a particular computer system from anywhere. The software enabled any person from any particular point in the system to access changes that are initiated in the system from the central control unit.

The introduction of the Powersoft BY Sybase in 1994 announced the introduction of a world leading software tool development tools for client server systems. Powersoft enabled Sybase to be in control of forty percent of the market of the world. This was further enhanced with the introduction of power builder which was a rapid application development tool which was the leading product in terms of sale of Powersoft.

Jun 04

History of Oracle

The history ofOraclecan be traced back to three decades and has been the principal database software enduring many of its foregoers. It has evolved additional technologies and has been one of the promising companies over the decades. It was set up in August 1977 by Larry Ellison, Ed Oates, Bob Miner, and Bruce Scott. In the beginning it was named after a project for one of their clients called project oracle and the company that brought outOraclethat was titled “Systems Development Labs” (SDL). Their potential has spread to the whole technology stack, from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through suitability and into cloud computing. In the year 1978 SDL was redesignated Relational Software Inc (RSI) to trade their new database. 

It is a large American corporation with operations in several countries and their headquarters located in Redwood City of California, United States. The corporation operates by developing and trading computer hardware systems and  software products, specifically it’s own grades of database management systems. It is the 3rd greatest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft Corporation followed by IBM.

The corporation also constructs tools for database development and systems of middle tier software, customer relationship management software, and enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and also supply chain management software. Larry Ellison known as the co-founder of the software, has worked as CEO for the company for the past many years.

The software has established it can construct the future on the basis of its innovations and its acquaintance of customer challenges and success analysed by the most excellent technical and trade minds on the earth. It has gained Database and Software Applications companies in order to provide excellent services.  At present it has more than 320,000 regulars and is there in 145 countries promoting it one of the influential and best companies.

Jun 03

The Importance Of Reports In Web Applications

The importance of reports in web applications should not be underestimated. World Wide Web or the Internet plays such a big role in this modern life. We are always a click away to accessing any information we are in need of. The world has surely been reduced to a global village by the internet. With the presence of countless web applications, we can do anything using the internet. Some of the most common web applications that most people use on a daily basis are internet chatting, Video conferencing, Emails, Online editing, custom application developments among others. With these applications, individuals can easily conduct their daily activities such as shopping, online browsing, booking flights etc.

Just like there are many web applications today, there are also numerous ways of testing their effectiveness. This is through the use of reports. Reports come in handy in the testing process. Developers use reports to check whether a particular web application is working according to plan or not. This goes miles in improving an application. What is for sure is that applications have to at their best any time because individuals are constantly using them. There is no better way of testing and improving a web app than by using reports.

The importance of reports in web applications is the fact that they help gather information about the effectiveness of a particular app. There is nothing as bad as having an app, which is ineffective. Reports help you develop and maintain an incredible and always effective web application.

May 30

Creating Procedures in Sybase

Sybase uses a standard syntax for creating procedures as well as other DBMS such as SQL Server and Firebird also use language PLSQL.


CREATE PROCEDURE [Procedure Name] ([Parameters])





In procedures created in Sybase is necessary to indicate the type of each parameter (IN / OUT), and follow the pattern of creation as shown in the syntax. As a practical example we will create two different types of procedures to exemplify the best possible use.




SELECT Name, Size, Color FROM Product



CREATE PROCEDURE productByCod ( IN vCod Int )


SELECT Name, Size, Color

FROM Product

WHERE cod_prod = vCod


In the first example the procedure returns all rows from the Products table, in second example will be returned only product that matches the user code passed as a parameter.

To perform both procedures is used CALL command, as shown in the example below:

CALL productList

CALL productByCod (1)


Sybase has become a great option for database and so it is increasingly common to find it in web development environments. Better understand this scenario in our official page about Sybase in PHP projects.

May 28

Reasons to go with php sql server driver Development

Php sql server driver has changed into a globally popular scripting language within the last few years. It’s been specifically made for produccing web pages. Developers can effortlessly implement solutions for complex web difficulties with PHP. It allows the programmers to create dynamic pages quickly and easily. It’s a proposed language for developing forums, calendars, mailing lists, shopping carts communities,, project management tools, and a variety of functional web applications. All you’ve got to is a professional PHP web developer. Listed below are the utmost effective 10 reasons to opt for PHP application development:

User friendly: Its very user friendly PHP. It is a straightforward language that doesn’t follow strict rules like other scripting languages, e.g. C# and Java. If you’re a new comer to the entire world of Php sql server driver, you can very quickly become knowledgeable about mostly all its elements. Simplicity with this language is the utmost effective reason that’s driving lots of visitors to go in the field of PHP software development.

A well documented scripting language: In relation to focusing on a script level language, you may want plenty of documentations, e.g. tutorial, references, scripts, examples, readymade etc. PHP could be the wealthiest to contain a large number of full manuals online and lots of them are available to everyone in need. Just Google your PHP development issues and you could see some developers who’ve already fixed those issues for you.

Great community support: PHP can be supported with a huge community all over the world. The language has been receiving great affection from the start. You will undoubtedly be amazed to observe dedicatedly people try to obtain just more using this language. Actually, it’s town of PHP developers that have got a strong language.

May 26

All the versions of PHP And SQL Server are compatible with each other

PHP is an open source language that is used while designing a website. But to manage a website there is also the need of database. PHP based website can be easily handled when using with SQL Server. PHP and SQL Server together makes a best combination for designing and handling the website. The There are different versions of SQL Server There are different versions of SQL Server and PHP is compatible with all. So, if you have any version of server and wish to connect it with the PHP, then you can easily go farther. This combination not only works on window operating system, but also in Linux with same functionality. The sql server is also supporting all the versions of PHP and so it does not matter which version of sql or php you are using. The result in the entire situation will be same except some syntax might get changed. The different methods of sql can be used in php like the procedure and cursor. Thus, the methods that are defined in both are also compatible once the drivers have been installed.

To make the effective use of PHP and SQL Server it is advisable to create the website first. Then, the next step is to deal with the SQL Server where you have to enter the URL and create a new database. Once the database is created the SQL driver for PHP allows accessing the data that is stored in the database. Once all the drivers are installed, website and database are created the next important thing to retrieve the data of the database is to create the connection with the server. TO connect PHP and Server the PHP services are used. This service will take the data from PHP to server and also retrieve the data from Server to the PHP for further manipulations.